Six Ways to Install Wallpaper for Home Walls

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Wallpaper does make the wall look more beautiful and fresh, but sometimes it can be something that makes it difficult for you to take care of the walls of the house. In addition, if you are not careful in choosing wallpaper, it will decrease the visual value of the walls of your home. Well, here are some important tips that you should know before installing wallpaper.

Minimizing Errors Installing Wallpaper

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Double to triple check that the pattern is in the right direction before installing, it happens very often that many people who put wallpaper on and notice afterward that the pattern is reversed. Also, make sure that the pattern is in one row so that when the roll ends and the other starts are not visible.

Position of Wallpaper in the Bedroom

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Covering an entire bedroom wall with wallpaper with a sensational theme makes a strong visual statement, but it can spoil the peaceful and serene feel that most of the space wants. The solution is to install wallpaper on one side of the room, to be precise behind the head of the bed. Cover the wall that is not attached to the wallpaper in fun colors.

Wallpaper for Low Ceiling Rooms

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Wallpaper with dip-dyed prints can be an option for rooms of this type. This type of print has a strong color on the bottom then fades to white or neutral at the top, giving the illusion of a taller wall. Also consider painting the ceiling white or another light color, such as pale yellow or blue, for a heightened impression.

Frequently Overlooked Spot

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Decorating walls with wallpaper tends to be done in the bedroom, living room, and family room. Often we forget the walls of the hallway. A corridor can be dead and dark, placing wallpaper on the wall will make it more alive.

Luxury Impressed Color Choices

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Metallic hues will make your walls look expensive, but not the retro glittery gift wrap that was used to decorate party rooms in the 1970s. Nowadays, gold and silver color wallpapers add a subtle sparkle to the pattern and create extra light in small rooms. Additionally, black and white prints are also a good choice. Not only does it make the room look clean and tidy, but the room also seems more minimalist.

Selection of Wallpaper for Small Rooms

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Avoid dark-colored wallpaper with small print. Dark colors will make the room gloomy, even appear smaller and claustrophobic. Choosing a wallpaper with a large print such as a bird or nature image will make the atmosphere of a small space fresher. A large design will create an optical illusion if the walls appear larger.