Seven Inspirations of Natural Bamboo Home Design

Natural Home Bamboo Design 1

Want to build a house that is thick with natural elements and looks artistic at the same time? Increasing global temperatures that make the air hotter often make us yearn for the shady natural atmosphere. To bring a calm atmosphere to your daily life, you can try a bamboo house design.

Unfortunately, nowadays we rarely encounter houses made of natural and traditional materials. Even though this house is not only superior visually, but also has advantages over other house materials. Bamboo is superior in terms of strength, like a steel house. Its elastic fibers are able to withstand tensile, compressive, shear, and bending loads perfectly. So before building, let’s look for the following bamboo house design inspiration.

  1. A Home Founded Within Four Hours
Natural Home Bamboo Design 2

Only four hours can you wake up home? A young man from the Philippines, Earl Patrick Forlales, designed a modular bamboo house that can be erected in just four hours. This bamboo house is called CUBO. This house is designed to convert the waste in the community into high-value energy and resources. Really cool huh?

Bamboo slats and panels are modular in design so they can be built in no time. In addition, this house is also equipped with a sloping roof that can withstand rainwater. The manufacturing process itself takes up to one week. Not only in the Philippines, but you can also build it in Indonesia. CUBO can be built where bamboo can be found easily, especially in Southeast Asia.

  1. Vintage home
Natural Home Bamboo Design 3

You can also present a warm and comfortable impression from a vintage-style house from bamboo. With a medieval-style house design, this house can still accentuate joy through its brightly colored furniture or decoration details. You can also create a room on the roof that can be used as a room and play area for children. Also, add some furniture such as chairs using bamboo. That way, the traditional and natural nuances will be felt more at home.

  1. Two-Floor house
Natural Home Bamboo Design 4

Usually, houses made of bamboo are made small, with only a few rooms. Make no mistake, not only minimalism, but you can also make a house from this natural material that transforms into a two-story house. This two-story house is suitable for a large family. So, so that the house can be even stronger, then you must choose bamboo with excellent age and quality. Choose bamboo that is about four or five years old, then soak the bamboo before forming it so that it is not easily attacked by termites.

Its large shape also certainly requires a manufacturing and maintenance process with more precision, compared to smaller houses. Never use iron nails to hold bamboo blades together, because iron nails will make the bamboo crack more easily. We recommend using peg nails, namely nails that are indeed made of bamboo. To make the house feel cooler and more natural, use Alang-Alang grass as a roof. Not only beautiful to look at, but this house is also resistant to earthquakes, you know.

  1. Modern Homes
Natural Home Bamboo Design 5

Although using fairly traditional materials, bamboo houses can also look modern. With bamboo slats that are flat and tighter, this bamboo house looks more modern but still fresh to the eye. The ancient impression is also no longer visible because there is no coconut fiber rope that is often used to tie bamboo. If you want to imitate this concept, make sure the paint you use is intended for coloring bamboo or wood so that it doesn’t peel off easily and reduces the quality of the bamboo.

  1. Warm atmosphere with lighting
Natural Home Bamboo Design 6

The function of the house, of course, is to give the residents a warm and comfortable impression. Bamboo material is very appropriate to be used to answer these needs. One of the inspirations of this bamboo house is very warm even though it is seen from the outside. Yellow lights add warmth to this house.

  1. Beautiful with Neutral Colors
Natural Home Bamboo Design 7

Who says bamboo will give a dark impression because of its dark color? Bamboo can also look cute and beautiful with a combination of pastel colors. Add a pink or blue cushion or cushion for the bamboo chair.

  1. Symmetrical House
Natural Home Bamboo Design 8

Houses with a symmetrical shape can usually be found in houses in Europe. Even though it looks stiff, the house can present an aura of elegance and class. You can also present this symmetrical house using bamboo. Stack the bamboo flat and symmetrically to give the house a more modern feel.

So, which one is the most interesting? Bamboo house designs can actually provide many benefits, ranging from earthquake resistance, making the atmosphere cooler, to a more affordable budget.