Seven Modern Home Interior Ideas in White

Home Interior Ideas in White 1

Not always white is monotonous, you know. Its neutral nature makes this white color indeed the easiest color to be combined with all kinds of existing colors and also various interior designs. The use of white in a room can also make it look brighter, more spacious, and clean.

However, is it true that white is monotonous and only has one color? White also has a wide variety of hues and colors. If you know how to apply it, this color can also become more vibrant and beautiful. Come on, take a peek at the white creations for the following contemporary residential decorations.

  1. Monochrome Color Combinations
Home Interior Ideas in White 2

Nothing is more classic than the combination of white and black monochrome in one room. The combination of these two colors will make the room look less monotonous. Even in the absence of a lot of decorations, the appearance can be very fun and contemporary. You can add some plain photo frames and some greenery to give the room its own accent. Also, make sure the room has a window to access sunlight.

  1. White Kitchen with Character
Home Interior Ideas in White 3

White in the kitchen? Don’t you get dirty quickly? Although white is often applied to a clean room, it does not mean that it is not suitable if it is used for kitchen interior design which tends to be often dirty and messy. So, so it’s not too plain, you can use a creamy white variation. This variation will prevent the kitchen from appearing too cold. You can also add other color accents such as blue to the kitchen. Use several objects with contrasting colors as accents such as carpets, flowers, chairs, and so on. This contrasting color accent will make the kitchen no longer look monotonous.

  1. A touch of white for a natural feel
Home Interior Ideas in White 4

White can also be associated with natural shades. In a room that is dominated by white, you can add furniture made of wood and some green plants in pots that can be placed indoors. Natural elements to the room will add a cool and fresh feel.

  1. White and Yellow for a Semi Rustic Impression
Home Interior Ideas in White 5

White, which is usually synonymous with a minimalist or modern style room, can also be applied to a rustic-style room which is usually synonymous with brown wood. As the result, you will get a room with a semi-rustic style. The elements that must be present for this room are, of course, a chandelier and a wooden table to emphasize the rustic impression. In order not to be too monotonous and boring, you can also add a yellow chair. Guaranteed the room will be more comfortable and make you feel at home in it.

  1. Dramatic impression with lighting
Home Interior Ideas in White 6

If the room is dominated by white, you can also use lighting to give a different impression. For example, using a pendant lamp with a stainless or woven frame that is trending to create a unique shadow on the ceiling of the room. You can also use a standing lamp near the sofa to highlight the angles and dimensions. If you have carvings or paintings on the walls, try using indirect lighting for a dramatic impression.

  1. Gold for a luxurious impression
Home Interior Ideas in White 7

A residence that is dominated by paint and white furniture that looks monotonous can also be transformed into a more luxurious place with the addition of a few accents. The way to make it look luxurious is to hang a chandelier or pendant lamp, a large mirror with a gold frame, or some other decoration.

  1. Comfortable White Rooms
Home Interior Ideas in White 8

The bedroom is also an important aspect of a house because it is a place for you to rest. For that, the design and color must be able to give a comfortable impression to the room. If you want to make a room look more spacious, brighter, and cleaner, then white is the best color choice. Use this color on the bed, bedroom walls, or ceiling.

White can be said as a timeless color that is suitable to be mixed with various interior styles and furniture colors. But in order not to be monotonous, you can apply some of the decoration ideas above to your home.