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Eight Unique and Minimalist Home Page Inspirations

Tired of the layout of your home page and want to give it a fresh new look? The yard is usually located at the front of the house which must be made attractive in order to spoil the eyes of the viewer. Large or small, the garden area can still provide a fresh view for the eyes and good air circulation for the home. So, are you looking for inspiration for a unique and minimalist home page? Let’s take a look at some of the following examples.

  1. Plant Pot from Used Tires

Home Page Inspirations 2

Have a used tire that is not used and confused about what to do? Just make your used tires at home as a unique plant pot. First, you need to paint or decorate the used tires first by using colorful paints. Next, you just need to place it in the corner of the page you want. Then, put the soil in it and plant it with flowers or other plants to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

  1. Pages Decorated with Bird Paths

Home Page Inspirations 3

Bird path is a place for wild birds to bathe. However, this bird path can also decorate a unique garden. Even though it may seem foreign to Indonesia, bird paths can make a garden look beautiful coupled with the presence of birds taking a bath while singing. The size of the bird path is usually not too big, so it is suitable for those of you who do not have a large garden area. Also decorate the edge of the bird path with tiny plants such as cacti or others.

  1. Comfortable Chairs for Relaxing Areas

Home Page Inspirations 4

After being tired of activities for a full week, of course, you want to rest your mind and body in a comfortable place. You can, you know, relax while breathing fresh air from plants in your own yard. Guaranteed the mind will be calmer while resting in the middle of a page like this. How to make it happen is easy, put a few chairs to rest among your favorite ornamental plants. Make sure you choose a chair that is waterproof and easy to clean.

  1. Mini Garden from Plastic Bottles

Home Page Inspirations 5

To produce a unique garden layout, it takes more creativity from the owner. No need to bother, with only a few materials commonly found at home, you can create a unique, attractive garden. You only need bottles that are colored, then arranged into a rectangle. Then in the center, plant some of your favorite plants. So, a beautiful garden with colors from used bottles. This method is also more environmentally friendly, you know because you have reused the used bottles that you have.

  1. Pot from Tree Trunks

Home Page Inspirations 6

To get a unique page, of course, you need something unique too. If you are bored with the round pot shape, this one idea is really worth trying. Try replacing the usual pot with a fallen tree trunk. The method is easy, just by sculpting the surface of the tree trunk to form it like a container.

Furthermore, you can fill the container from the tree trunk with soil and fertilizer. Then, complement it with colorful plants or flowers. So there is a beautiful unique garden that catches the eye.

  1. Plants in Shoes

Home Page Inspirations 7

How do you grow plants in shoes? Besides using pots, you can also use unused shoes or heels as planting media. The method is easy, you know. You only need to place the plant with small pretty flowers into the cavity of the shoe. Apart from flowers, you can also grow cacti in these shoes. This beautiful and unique pot can not only be placed in the yard but also on the balcony in front of the room.

  1. Pot from the Bird Cage

Home Page Inspirations 8

This creative idea is definitely a pity for you to miss. The birdcage that is usually used to treat birds can also be transformed into a planting medium. For this birdcage pot, use a plant with leaves that hang down or vine.

  1. Old Bicycles for a Unique Impression

Home Page Inspirations 9

Don’t sell it to a junk shop first, a used bicycle in your home can also make your yard look more unique. Just by repainting the bike in a bright color and adding some vines in the bicycle basket, you can get a new and unique look for your bike.

Irene Jung
Irene Jung
falling in love with purple colour, have a "great luck" in playing video games and vegeterian person. my latest hobbies is playing video games, drawing, and writing.

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