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Eight Tips for Creating a Private Spa Room at Home

Want to create a private relaxation place at home? You don’t need to bother going to a salon or spa, you can also enjoy a regular spa at home by creating a home spa or private spa room. Doing spa regularly turns out to be very good for beauty and body health, you know.

The spa is also believed to be a way of relaxing the mind and healthy detoxification. Besides making you healthier, the presence of a spa at home will also create a luxurious impression at home. So, want to know how to make a spa room at home? Here are tips and ways you can apply.

  1. Determine a Location Far from Crowded Places

Private Spa 2

When in the spa room, of course, you want to relax to the maximum, right? For that, determining the location where the spa will be made is very important. For example, if you have a large enough space at the back of the house, then a spa can be made there. In addition, you can also place a spa close to a private swimming pool. We recommend that you prepare and calculate the area to be prepared for the spa room before building.

  1. Choosing Colors with a Natural Impression of Nature

Private Spa 3

To bring a calm and natural feel to a private spa, choose wall paint in soft tones or use natural colors like green, brown, or blue. Use one of these colors as the main color on the wall. Soft and natural colors will provide calm and add to a relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Add Elements from Nature

Private Spa 4

Apart from color, decorations that can give a natural impression must also be considered carefully. Some of the decorative elements that you can use include rocks, grass, plants, and shells. Place decorations that are thick with natural nuances around the room, for example on a table near a mirror or beside a bathtub.

  1. Putting the bathtub

Private Spa 5

It feels incomplete to make a spa room without the presence of a bathtub. Well, determining the right type of bathtub is very important because the comfort of a spa at home is also determined by the type of bathtub that is applied. As a consideration, you can think about how anyone will use this spa. So, are you going to choose a bathtub of large size? Oval or rectangular? Will you choose a bathtub with massage features? Determine according to your wants and needs.

  1. Use a Storage Cabinet

Private Spa 6

Have a lot of spa equipment? For that, you need a cupboard to put various materials and tools for your spas, such as soap, fragrances, aromatherapy candles, towels, and other items that will support spa activities. Place these cabinets or storage racks in the spa room to make it easier to access. In addition, pay attention to the design and model of the wardrobe so that it can still give a natural impression to the interior of the room.

  1. Provide the best quality spa equipment

Private Spa 7

The spa room at home cannot be inferior to the actual spa area. You also have to fill your personal spa with all the spa equipment and equipment of the highest quality. Starting from bathrobes, towels, spa beds, to mats, quality must be considered. Also, complete the spa room with a small clothesline for drying wet towels or clothes.

  1. Put Aromatherapy Candles in Several Angles

Private Spa 8

What is the impression you always remember from a spa place? Of course one of them is a very calming fragrance, right? Candles really support spa activities to be more comfortable and relaxed. You can place some candles in the corners of the room so that the scent can spread out perfectly. Choose a candle scent that can provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere for the mind and body. You can also choose a variety of candle colors to add an artistic impression to the room.

  1. Complete with a sauna

Private Spa 9

If you still have enough space and money, you can equip your spa room at home with a private sauna room. Saunas are usually designed with many wooden elements to give the room a perfect natural impression. With a sauna room, your spa activities can be more complete and comfortable.

Irene Jung
Irene Jung
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