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Seven Calming Traits of Nautical Style for the Home

Love the beach atmosphere? Want to always feel like a vacation on the beach even when you’re at home? You can apply the nautical style or what is called the coastal. This style will remind you of a seaside scene that will always lift your daily spirit.

The application of this style reflects a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere like life in a coastal area. Not surprisingly, the initial creation of this style was inspired by the interior buildings of houses on the coast. Even though your house is far from the beach area, you can also apply this style. Curious how? Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and inspirations before applying them.

  1. Large Window

Nautical Style 2

The most important element of the coastal style is light. Try to pay attention, every house that is located on the beach must have a large window so that natural light and the breeze from the sea can enter the house perfectly. The number of windows, glass doors, and skylights allow natural sunlight from outside to enter the house. Apart from using windows or glass, the use of white in the house can also make the room look brighter.

  1. The Blue-White Lines Motive

Nautical Style 3

One way to create a nautical room is to add a stripe pattern in white and blue. You can apply this pattern to carpets, curtains, wallpaper, mattress sheets, pillows, or some other accessories that are used. Choose a line pattern that still contains elements of sea colors. The use of this line pattern makes the nautical atmosphere even more felt in your home.

  1. Wood Furniture

Nautical Style 4

For furniture, residential with a more nautical style uses solid wood. To further reflect the beautiful beach atmosphere, you can paint wooden furniture white, blue, or brown. This wood material is able to bring a warm and calm atmosphere. In essence, the furniture in this style is always made of natural elements and nothing uses plastic or synthetic materials at all.

  1. Beach accented decorations or accessories

Nautical Style 5

The nautical atmosphere can make you feel as if you are busy on the beach. So, so that the atmosphere you want to create is more awakened, you can add some decorations or accessories that are thick with beach accents. You can add a storage box made of rattan, a pillow with a cover with a sea anchor motif, a photo or painting with a beach setting, or some shells in the sand.

  1. Spacious and Airy Room

Nautical Style 6

Just like a calm beach atmosphere, a nautical style house should feel relaxed and not filled with lots of furniture or other knick-knacks. Place the various accents you want on the edge of the room and leave the center of the room empty without a lot of furniture. Rearrange the furniture you have and the room will appear more spacious and spacious. If you have enough budget, you can also renovate the room to make it look more spacious.

  1. The Sea Color Element

Nautical Style 7

The choice of color to create a beach impression is the most important thing. You can use elements of ocean color, such as navy, white, light blue, cream, green, or gray. This color applies not only to walls, but also to furniture, ceramics, mattresses, sofas, floors, and so on. The use of colors that are thick with sea elements will create a calming atmosphere in the house.

  1. Simple Furniture That Matches the Beach Atmosphere

Nautical Style 8

Nautical furniture should match the atmosphere of the beach and sand, even if you live in an urban area yourself. A sofa with a linen cloth, a bench made of wicker, glass with a wooden frame, etc. can be perfect choices. In addition, the coastal interior also never uses glossy and shiny furniture. A nautical style works best if you want to create a fun and relaxing mood at home.

Irene Jung
Irene Jung
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