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Seven Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Dining Room Carpet

Carpets can be an easy solution to give a new mood or look to a room, including the dining room. Moreover, the dining room is always the main room in the house where the whole family gathers. Even though it is rarely applied, the use of carpets in the dining room can make the interior look more attractive and at the same time seem like new. Before starting to install a dining room rug, there are some rules that you must pay attention to so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Anything?

  1. Pay attention to the size of the carpet

Dining Room Carpet 2

For the dining room, the carpet will of course be placed at the bottom of the dining table set. For that, you must make sure you choose a carpet that is larger than the size of the table. In fact, try to choose a carpet width that exceeds the chairs at the dining table. If the size of the carpet is smaller, it is feared that this could disturb you when pulling or pushing a chair. Carpets that are smaller than the dining table will also be damaged quickly because the chair legs are often folded. Therefore, before buying, you should measure the area of ​​the dining table and chairs so that you can choose the most appropriate carpet size for the dining room.

  1. Adjust to the Room Theme

Dining Room Carpet 3

In choosing a carpet, you can’t just consider your desires and tastes. You also have to adjust the pattern and color of the carpet with the theme of the room. You have to choose a carpet that can blend into the interior of the whole room. Do not choose a carpet that is much different from the theme of the dining room because it will make it look mismatched. You don’t want to feel sorry for buying an expensive carpet that doesn’t match the theme of the room, right?

  1. Match the Table Shape

Dining Room Carpet 4

In addition to adjusting the carpet to the room’s theme, you also need to match the shape of the carpet with the dining table. If the table is oval, then you should choose an oval carpet. Meanwhile, if the dining table is rectangular, then you can choose a carpet that is rectangular too. Forms that match or match between one another will support the harmony of the decoration in the dining room.

  1. Choose the flat hair

Dining Room Carpet 5

There are various models of carpet hair, some are thick, big, short, or small. Now in the dining room, chairs must be moved very often so that they will continue to touch the carpet. Choosing a carpet with large, thick fur will make it prone to damage quickly. Instead, choose a carpet that is flatter and thinner or a rug with small, short hair. This is to reduce the risk of the carpet being damaged quickly due to frequent contact with the chair.

  1. Use Dark Patterns

Dining Room Carpet 6

Most of the activities of the whole family usually take place at the dinner table. The dining table is not only used as a place to eat but also an area to work, chat, study, and so on. The more activities that are carried out in a room, the more vulnerable the room will be to get dirty. When you eat, you will also easily drop food or drink onto the carpet. By using a dark tone, the stain will be less visible and will be less noticeable. You also don’t need to wash rugs with dark motifs too often. Conversely, no matter how often you wash a light patterned carpet, it will still look dull and have stain marks.

  1. Make sure the carpet is easy to clean

Dining Room Carpet 7

The carpet is one of the decorations in the house that is difficult to clean. In fact, the dining room is one of the dirtiest areas. To solve this problem, choose easy carpets to clean. Before buying, find out in advance what type of carpet or carpet material is easy to clean by asking the seller.

  1. Align with the dining room furniture

Dining Room Carpet 8

The carpet should be an element in the room that complements all shapes or styles in the interior of the house. Therefore, you must adjust the color and pattern of the carpet with other furniture in the dining room. If the dining room is combined with other rooms in the house, you also need to pay attention to the existing decorations in other rooms. Also, adjust the motifs and colors of the dining room rugs with existing rugs in other rooms.

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