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Nine Ways to Make a Child-Friendly Home

As the child grows, the child becomes more active and curious about the surrounding environment. Not infrequently, children become very excited to explore the contents of the house. Especially if you have children who are actively running. For that, everything in the house must be considered so that it is always friendly and safe for children.

Many factors in the house can be fatal if not properly regulated. However, you also have to pay attention so that your little one doesn’t feel limited and can still minimize the possibility of injury. Then, how do you organize a child-friendly house but still give them freedom when they are on the move? Let’s take a peek below.

  1. Give Protector for Sharp Tipped Furniture

Safe For Child 2

If you have young children, you must be observant in paying attention to the furniture you are going to buy. Furniture with sharp corners or edges will certainly hurt children more easily than blunt ones. If you already have furniture with sharp corners, you can provide plastic protectors that can be purchased at children’s supply stores. In addition, you can choose furniture that uses natural materials such as solid wood which is available at Bramble Furniture. The use of solid wood material will minimize peeling on the surface of the furniture and it is certainly safer for children.

  1. Closing the ladder with a fence

Safe For Child 3

Children who are still learning to walk or toddlers have an imperfect balance. They are prone to tripping or walking too hastily to fall. For those of you who have a terraced house, you should cover the top of the stairs with a protector to prevent the child from falling or rolling down which can be fatal.

  1. Hide Stop Contacts

Safe For Child 4

Sockets are among the most dangerous things and must be the most guarded in the concept of a child-friendly home. Make sure you have hidden the socket and put it out of reach of children. You can do this by adjusting the layout of the room so that the location of the socket can be hidden behind a sofa, bed, cupboard, and so on. You can also plug in socket packs, which are available at most hardware stores.

  1. Put on a base for the floor

Safe For Child 5

Slippery floors are very prone to fall children. To prevent injury while walking, cover the floor with a carpet that has a non-slip base. You can install a rug or play mat for your child so that he or she will feel less pain when they fall.

  1. Keep away chemicals, drugs, and sharp objects

Safe For Child 6

Store chemicals, medicines, and also sharp objects in a closed place that cannot be easily reached by children. In addition, insect repellent, floor cleaner, or detergent should also be stored in a closed place that is not known to them. Don’t let your child reach these items and put them in their mouth as this is very dangerous. Likewise with sharp objects that can injure children. For that, store it on high wall shelves or drawers that have locks.

  1. Pay attention to the storage of Glassware

Safe For Child 7

We recommend that you place fragile items in a higher place so that they are difficult for children to reach. Try not to store items on the table with a tablecloth or table runner as they will easily be dragged or pulled by children. Immediately organize crockery in the cupboard after washing or use.

  1. Do not choose displays that are small

Safe For Child 8

Children under 3 years of age usually enjoy putting things in their mouths. This also raises the risk of ingested goods which will be very dangerous for his health. So, avoid decorating the house with small beautiful displays to avoid this risk. Small displays are not part of a kid-friendly home.

  1. Create a Large and Open Room

Safe For Child 9

The ideal growth space for children is a large room with enough open space for various children’s activities. A spacious room with minimalist furniture will make children move more freely, play, and also explore their creativity. You can also make an open area such as a backyard for children to play outdoors.

  1. Install Barriers for Swimming Pools or Fish Ponds

Safe For Child 10

Have a swimming pool or fish pond at home? Provide a fence or barrier that cannot be opened easily by children. Children tend to like to play near the pool and it can be fatal if you don’t put a limit on the pool.

In addition to making a child-friendly house to prevent dangerous things from happening, you also still have to pay attention to your little one.

Irene Jung
Irene Jung
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