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Micro House Land-Saving Home Solutions

Limited land to live in is now one of the main problems facing modern society. Some people choose to live in apartments or flats to solve the problem. However, there is another solution that you can choose to stay in a landed house, namely the micro house.

The term micro house is still unfamiliar in this country even though the trend is starting to be loved by many people in big cities. If you are interested in carrying out the building concept, first find out the detailed information so that you can make careful planning.

What is a Micro House?

Micro House 2

The term micro-house was first introduced in 1973 by Lloyd Kahn, author of a book entitled Shelter. The idea of ​​a tiny house was also discussed by Lester Walker in a book entitled Tiny Houses in 1987. Not only that, but the same concept was also developed by an architect who graduated from the University of Oregon, Sarah Susanka, in 1997.

A micro house can be defined as a small house less than 100 square meters, with a building area of ​​only 40 to 70 square meters. Although simple, the quality of the buildings cannot be compared to subsidized housing. Usually, this tiny house is actually designed at a high cost to make it look more attractive.

The advantages of Micro House

Micro House 3

You can get some of these advantages if you own and live in a micro house:

  • Can implement the concept of artistic residence without having to drain the contents of the bag.
  • The process of cleaning the house becomes more practical because the house is not large in size.
  • The application of a smart home system (the concept of a smart home) can be done optimally in all parts of the house.
  • Energy-saving efforts are effective because the number of rooms and electronic devices is relatively small.
  • The remaining land of the house can be used for green open space or other purposes.

Tips for Building a Functional Minimalist House

Micro House 4

If you have prepared a plot of land for private residence, maybe it is time for you to implement the micro house concept on that land. Some of these tips will help you build a small house as needed without neglecting the aesthetic side:

The first thing you should do is determine the number of floors. Those of you who are single can build a one-story residence with the concept of growing houses. Meanwhile, for those of you who are married, you may need a two-story house so you can prepare more than one bedroom.

Next, look for small house references that match the needs and conditions of the environment where you live. The concept of a micro house in subtropical countries has many differences from similar concepts in Indonesia. For example, a small house in the country must be equipped with air conditioning, earthquake resistance, and avoid the risk of flooding.

Make sure that the core rooms in the form of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are in your residence. If there is still land left, then you can add other rooms such as the dining room, garage, or storage area.

It’s not just the physical construction of the house that should be your focus. Later, you also have to pay special costs for electronic devices and home furniture. Use quality electronic devices and furniture to maximize the impression of a comfortable modern residence.

Living in a micro house makes you have to be painstaking in decluttering. Don’t let your house get cramped and stuffy because of piles of unused items. You are not only required to organize your storage area nicely but also to get rid of unused items.

Thus the article about the micro house, hope it is useful.

Irene Jung
Irene Jung
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