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Eight Anti-Mainstream Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

The existence of a swimming pool in the house can indeed make your home appear more luxurious. You can make a swimming pool outdoors or outdoors as well as indoors or indoors. The indoor pool has several advantages, such as your privacy being more protected from the sight of strangers and you also don’t have to worry about the outdoor weather be it hot or rainy to swim.

Before making, there are a number of things you should pay attention to when building an indoor swimming pool. Starting from the size, ventilation, theme, depth of the pool to what decorations you want to add. Now that you’ve finished considering, you can start designing. Want to know what are the inspirations for an indoor swimming pool? Come on, see below.

  1. Swimming Courtyard

Indoor Swimming pool 2

Want to give coolness to the house? You can make a swimming pool right in the middle of the house. Apart from functioning as a link between the rooms of the house, this swimming pool can also be like an oasis that can provide a fresh view that you and your family can enjoy from various corners of the house.

Psst, to make a swimming pool with this courtyard design, a large area is needed so that you can provide a distance between the pool and the room that flank the area around the pool.

  1. Slender and Elongated Minimalist Pool

Indoor Swimming pool 3

Don’t have enough land to make an indoor pool? Don’t worry, with this sleek and elongated swimming pool design, you can present a swimming pool in a limited area. Make the swimming pool against the wall of the house and provide a window with see-through glass at the end to enjoy the view from the outside. This swimming pool design can be made according to the wishes and the area available. Also, add an elongated chair to rest after swimming.

  1. Swimming Pool with Bar

Indoor Swimming pool 4

Love having parties with family or friends? You can make an indoor swimming pool equipped with a bar or kitchen next to it. This concept is quite fun because you can cook something for children who are swimming or at the same time make a meal together by the pool. You don’t need to bother cooking in the kitchen at home, you can immediately enjoy the dishes that have been made in this area.

  1. Swimming Pool with Transparent Roof

Indoor Swimming pool 5

Want to create an indoor pool but still want to get the most out of the sunshine? You can make a swimming pool with a transparent roof. With this swimming pool design, you can still enjoy the sunshine or the night sky view without having to leave the room. Even when it’s raining, you can still swim comfortably.

To achieve this design, you can simply install a transparent roof above or around the pool so that natural lighting can simultaneously illuminate the surrounding space.

  1. Swimming Pool for Family Room

Indoor Swimming pool 6

Not only a sofa, but you can also create an indoor swimming pool in the family room to refresh the atmosphere. With this design, you can more easily watch your little one swim because of its location in the family room. To complete the design, place a television on the wall near the pool to enjoy your favorite shows while swimming.

  1. Typical Moroccan Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming pool 7

Apart from the dome-style building, another characteristic of Moroccan-style decorations that you shouldn’t miss is the swimming pool with a thick Middle Eastern concept. Apply this design via a desert color scheme or navy blue for a gorgeous pool reflection. It is guaranteed that you will feel like vacationing in the Middle East when swimming in this pool.

  1. Swimming Pool with Wooden Interior

Indoor Swimming pool 8

Love the Japanese sauna concept? You can also include the concept of a Japanese sauna or swimming pool into space by applying the wooden interior of the swimming pool. The wooden nuance that surrounds the entire room combined with the blue water of the pool will make you feel refreshed after swimming.

  1. Swimming Pool in the Bedroom

Indoor Swimming pool 9

The bedroom is one of the main areas that you use the most in the house. So, there is nothing wrong with making a swimming pool in the bedroom for added comfort. You can swim whenever you want, be it before bed or after waking up. You also don’t have to bother leaving the room. but be careful if you often sleep while walking.

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