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Five Garden Light Creations That You Can Make Yourself

There are many ways to beautify the garden in your home. One way is to play with the lighting aspect. Garden lights do not only play a role in providing adequate exterior lighting at night. If you are creative, you can change the look of your garden decoration to be even cooler with the attractive lighting from your own garden lights.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money when making your own garden lighting decorations, just take advantage of the items around you, and have a little creative touch. Here are 5 garden lighting creations that you can try yourself at home!

  1. DIY Lantern Garden Lamp from Milk Cartons

Garden Lights 2

Making a garden lamp model of paper and wire lanterns are indeed quite difficult and troublesome. Paper can tear easily if you are not skilled at stringing wires. Alternatively, you can try this garden lampion model made of milk cardboard. The tools and materials needed to make it are very simple, namely milk cartons, colored crepe paper, wrapping paper, rope, and a series of LED lights.

Garden Lights 3

First, cut out the top and bottom of the milk carton then stick the wrapping paper on the outside of the cardboard. Make a hole in all four sides of the cardboard with a rectangle shape, then glue the crepe paper on the inside. Also, give a hole in the top of the cardboard for the connecting rope. The lampion cover is ready to be attached to the LED light circuit.

  1. Mason Jar Lanterns Garden Lamps

Garden Lights 4

The second garden light creation you can make is a jar lantern and a battery LED lamp, Mason Light. If it sounds unfamiliar, this LED lamp with battery is actually very easy to find in electronics stores or in supermarkets, the price is also affordable.

Other supporting materials needed are rope or wire hanger, depending on how you want to install this garden light later.

Garden Lights 5

To make it very easy, you only need to attach Mason Light to the inside of the jar lid. Then give the hook wire to the lid of the jar so that you can string this Mason Jar garden lamp with a rope.

When finished, you can hang it from the tree to one corner of the garden. With garden lighting creations, you can save energy because you don’t need electricity to turn it on.

  1. DIY Decorative Garden Lights with Origami

Garden Lights 6

String lights or better known as Tumblr lights are very easy for you to modify. One way is to use origami paper. The patterned origami paper that you have formed according to your taste is then used to wrap the ends of the LED lights.

Garden Lights 7

Since this lamp will be used outdoors, you should wrap it again in plastic wrap to make it waterproof and not easily damaged. If you are confused about determining the origami form, you can copy the following method.

  1. Mini Rustic Ball, Garden Lights from Balloons and Yarn

Garden Lights 8

This mini rustic ball-shaped garden lamp is another modification of the Tumblr lamp that you can try. In making this garden lamp, you need several main ingredients, namely balloon and rope decorations. The rope chosen was hemp rope because it is more resistant to use outside the home and provides a lighter color appearance.

Balloons are used to wrap around the ends of the LED lights which are then wrapped around hemp rope. The twist doesn’t have to be a messy pattern, the effortless impression will give a more unique lighting ambiance. You can also make the size of the rustic bulb bigger by replacing the Tumblr lamp with a light bulb.

  1. DIY a paper garden lamp

Garden Lights 9

One easy way to present beautiful silhouettes is to use paper as a cover or a garden lampshade embedded in the lower part of the garden. This paper garden lamp can produce low angle lighting that gives a dramatic effect to the garden in your home.

Garden Lights 10

The results will be more beautiful if the garden lighting decoration is placed on the edge of the fish pond. Soft yellow light is also reflected on the surface of the water.

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Irene Jung
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