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Five Room Decorative Lighting Ideas You Can Try at Home

Lighting has a very important role in home arrangement. With the right lighting, residents will feel comfortable. For example, in the bedroom, avoid direct lighting on our faces or eyes. For bedroom decorative lights, generally placed above the head position so as not to interfere. In addition, room decorative lights can also be placed on the nightstand next to the mattress. Then, what are some room lighting ideas that we can use? Check out the review below!

Decorative room lights in the iron bed cavity

Decorative Lighting Ideas 2

In addition to placing it on the bed headboard, you can also apply room decorative lights to the iron cavity of the bed headboard. Almost similar to the previous idea, but the decorative lighting application is left wrapped around the iron bed headboard above your head. This idea is suitable if your bed board is made of iron cavities so that it is easy to wrap around.

Decorative lightroom with yellow bulb

Decorative Lighting Ideas 3

Our eyes seem less friendly to yellow light bulbs? Yes, because we are used to white lights. In fact, most people feel annoyed by yellow lights, especially when used for reading or working. But did you know that research shows that yellow light bulbs are actually soothing?

The solution is to install a yellow bulb only as a decorative light for the room, while the main room lights can still use white lights. You can also make this yellow bedroom lamp night light. Guarantee your sleep better at night!

Room decorative lamp from plastic spoons

Decorative Lighting Ideas 4

Do you like to explore? Wow, surely you will like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis one-room decorative lamp. With a plastic spoon, you can create a super beautiful decorative lamp. Designed by a nuclear control system engineer from Russia, this one-bedroom decorative lamp is made to invite us to care about the environment.

Decorative lamps on the headboard

Decorative Lighting Ideas 5

You can also use bedroom decorative lights for room decoration and secondary lighting. To do this, apply them to the back of the bed boards and let them unravel beautifully so that the light is evenly distributed. This room’s decorative lamp can be used as a night light. Besides being beautiful, it is also useful for creating a good night’s sleep?

Decorative room lamp from used milk cans

Decorative Lighting Ideas 6

Having bedroom decorative lights doesn’t need to be luxurious and expensive, right? It turns out that you can use even used items to make simple but unique bedroom lights.

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Irene Jung
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