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Seven Simple and Artistic Minimalist Wooden House Designs

Want to build a house with a natural and natural impression? Apart from being natural and close to nature, wooden housing can also give the impression of being luxurious and expensive. Not only that, but wooden houses also have various benefits and advantages, you know. Wood is a natural insulator which is very useful and effective in insulating hot and cold temperatures. The pores between the wood with a thin and simple minimalist design also make the air circulation in the house better. In addition, the elastic nature of wood also makes this residential model one of the houses that is more resistant to earthquakes.

Houses made of wood are also often considered to have a higher artistic element than other houses in general. Well, for those of you who want to have a wooden house model, you can see some of the following simple and artistic minimalist home design inspirations before starting to build your dream home.

  1. Hikari Box Wooden House Design

Minimalist Wooden House 2

Many houses with a limited area do not have enough space to create empty rooms that can be used to receive guests who want to spend the night. With a limited and minimalist area, the Hikari Box wooden house design tries to solve this problem. This house model is made with two sleeping areas, each with the capacity of two adults at the top of the house which can be accessed via a simple small wooden staircase.

Minimalist Wooden House 3

This wooden house designed by Portland Alternative Dwellings is also equipped with a dining table and a lounge area that can be used to receive guests. This house was built very functionally to support all the needs of its residents. The lower part of the staircase that leads to the main bedroom also functions as storage cabinets of different sizes.

  1. Polish wooden house design “Sun”

Minimalist Wooden House 4

This three-studio and the three-bedroom house were built in Poland. This house is made with an ideal home theme to live in. If usually, a wooden house features a simple facade, this one residence gives a luxurious and artistic impression. The use of large glass on the front of the house is the key to a modern look.

Minimalist Wooden House 5

Different from the outside which uses brown wood, the inside of this house is dominated by white nuances which give a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, natural light can enter the house optimally through a large glass. The large yard also gives an attractive impression on the overall appearance of the house.

  1. Wooden House Model in the Forest

Minimalist Wooden House 6

Have you ever watched an adventure movie in the jungle? Surely the players live in a thick wooden house with nuances of rustic design in the midst of lush trees. A wooden house model like this is very suitable as a vacation home or villa where you are looking for entertainment and silence from the noise of the city. In order to avoid wild reptiles, a wooden house can also be made like a stage with supporting poles at the bottom. Stilt houses can also be the best choice for those of you who live in areas prone to flooding or earthquake-prone areas.

  1. Modern Wooden House Model

Minimalist Wooden House 7

Not only a natural impression that can be displayed, but wooden house designs can also be made into a modern, minimalist, and elegant type of residence. Modern wooden houses can use a variety of stunning architectural concepts. Usually, modern wooden houses are also combined with modern materials such as large glass on the front. The unique roof shape can also make the house look more contemporary.

  1. Wooden House Model with Open Terrace

Minimalist Wooden House 8

Want to relax on a large terrace? Even though you have narrow land, you can still feel relaxing on the open terrace like a house with wood from this Custom Container Living. This house design has a design in the form of a container-style house with a small open space as a terrace. This terrace is also designed with a closed roof so you won’t feel hot or caught in the rain.

  1. Nomadic Wooden House Design

Minimalist Wooden House 9

Love camping? This wooden house design by Olive Nest Tiny Homes can be moved by being pulled by a car, you know. Even though it is minimalist, this house design still looks beautiful and elegant coupled with a mini pergola which is separate from the mini greenhouse. This wooden house also allows you to maintain ornamental plants because it has an energy-efficient source of natural lighting.

  1. Eye-catching Blue Wooden House Design

Minimalist Wooden House 10

This minimalist home design from Harmony Tiny Homes has a dark blue exterior color with white window frames and some natural colored wood pieces. Besides being simple, this combination also gives its own unique impression on the overall appearance of the house.

Are there any of your favorite residential designs from several inspirational models of simple and elegant minimalist wooden houses as above?

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Irene Jung
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