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This Minimalist Garden Design Makes Your Home More Beautiful !!

Want to get rid of stress or fatigue after a tiring day at home? Instead of looking for a cafe or other pretty hang out at the mall, why not try to create a relaxation area right in the open space of your house? A minimalist garden in its modest size can be the most effective medicine.

If you think about space or cost, don’t worry. As the name implies, a minimalist garden is a solution to arranging an open area in your home without a burden. A small, minimalist garden can also have a calming effect.

Also, minimalist gardens tend not to require a lot of arrangement or maintenance costs so that they can be the practical solutions you have been looking for. With a beautiful minimalist garden, all family members feel at home because the home atmosphere becomes more comfortable.

Ready to manage the open space in your house into a beautiful minimalist garden? Let’s check the inspiration for a beautiful minimalist garden with Kania right now!

Minimalist Garden With Open Terrace Concept

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Design

This minimalist garden is an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of modern urban life. Using the open terrace concept, you can sit down anytime to enjoy a small garden setting that looks beautiful around you. You can also see this minimalist garden design playing on a wooden deck to cover the floor and plant areas. To reduce urban sounds and traffic, you can also add a water decoration through a soothing minimalist fish pond.

Minimalist Garden With Four Main Elements

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Design

This minimalist garden is located at the top of the house and can be part of the house that is enjoyed the most by every member of the family. This minimalist garden design puts forward several elements, namely water, fire, air, and earth. This can be seen from the choice of colors and quality furniture materials used to create the ideal minimalist garden.

Minimalist Garden With Slick Wall Blocks

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Design

With a high wall design, this minimalist garden model covers itself from the clutches of fast city life. However, this minimalist garden can be a perfect place for relaxation with the sound of water falling into the small pool in front of it.

There is also a bridge to walk into the house and it has been decorated like a cool little wilderness. Depending on the size of the area available, also complete a minimalist garden with a coffee table and easy chairs for a place to relax. Now there is no need to spend money to enjoy a garden-style cafe atmosphere, right? Just relax in your minimalist garden.

Minimalist Garden With a Traditional Touch

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Design

A minimalist garden that blends with the natural atmosphere is well reflected in the following minimalist garden design inspiration. In addition to the fusion with a garden with large plants that bridge well between the wooden platform and the floor filled with rocks, there is also a very matching decoration in the form of a water jug. To complement, a set of wooden cafe tables and chairs is also present for dining events or gathering with loved ones.

Oriental Style Minimalist Garden

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Design

A minimalist garden with an oriental style is a smart choice because it has minimal maintenance and also has a beautiful distinctive value. Oriental minimalist gardens will usually have decorations such as bamboo water to low wooden tables and small seats. Choose the right oriental decoration and just place it on the garden floor without having to spend a fortune on other landscapes.

Modern and Clean Minimalistic Garden

Minimalist Garden Design
Minimalist Garden Designrr

Don’t want to mess around with a special minimalist garden design? Just use the available contours of the yard and tidy it up with a garden path and neatly arranged green grass.

In this minimalist garden inspiration, the atmosphere of the house is enhanced by the presence of open spaces with minimalist room decor. To complement, this minimalist garden wall is decorated with large plants that don’t need much maintenance. Can be imitated for minimalist garden inspiration for those of you who don’t have much time to take care of the garden.

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