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Wooden Doors Character and Design Inspiration for Homes

In designing a dwelling, the door is of course a very important element. Not only as a pathway into the house, but the door also functions as circulation between spaces. The door is also a barrier or divider between public space and private space, as well as protecting the contents of the house from unwanted things. There are many types of door materials to choose from, from wood, iron, glass, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, to PVC.

Each type of material certainly has its own advantages in terms of durability to aesthetics. Of the many door materials, wood is one of the most favorite. Want to choose a wooden door? Know the following first.

Wooden Door Character

wooden doors 2

Wood is the material most commonly used for doors. Besides being easy to find, wooden doors have a variety of attractive finishes that can add aesthetic value to a house. Doors made of wood are also known to have high quality and are resistant to impact and pressure.

But unfortunately, wooden doors are quite susceptible to pests due to the main characteristic of wood which is the main food of insects. In addition, wood is also sensitive to humid air so it becomes brittle when exposed to water.

Inspiration for Wooden Door Designs for Homes

There are several models or designs of wooden doors that can be the best choice for your home. Get to know the inspiration below:

  1. Classic Doors

wooden doors 3

This door design style is the most common and popular style used, especially in Indonesia. The shape of this door generally consists of square panels with various combinations, sometimes combined with glass. Classic designs like this are also suitable for use in any residential-style, from classic, Mediterranean, and minimalist.

  1. Carved doors

wooden doors 4

This carved door, which is usually made by craftsmen, is the right choice for those of you who want to present an ethnic impression to your home. This type of door is also widely used in cottages or villas in several holiday areas because of the natural impression it creates. Although it can give a luxurious and exclusive impression to the house, carved doors take a long time to process and of course require a higher cost than doors in general. Combine this carved door with carved furniture or other natural materials.

  1. White Painted Doors

wooden doors 5

Don’t want the room to seem cramped? Just paint your wooden door white. White color can give a clean, calm, and soothing impression to a room so that it can make the room seem more spacious. The combination of white doors with wood flooring can make the house feel more comfortable and cool. The appearance of this door is perfect for those of you who want to give a minimalist look to the room.

  1. Doors with Glass

wooden doors 6

This one door design can also give a roomy impression to a residence. This glass accent with wood door frames can give your home a modern and classic style. You can use a door with clear glass or also use ice glass which can provide more privacy to the residence. Doors with this design are suitable for use in living rooms, front doors, or even bathroom doors.

  1. Flush model door

wooden doors 7

The flush door is one of the most popular door styles. A flush door is a door with a plain surface on both sides. Flush doors are made by attaching two layers of wood to each side. Sometimes when you tap on the middle, you will find a door that sounds empty. Although wood tends to be heavy, flush doors can be an alternative for those of you who want a wooden door that is not too heavy when you swing it.

  1. Sliding Door

wooden doors 8

Sliding door designs can be a smart solution for those of you who want to save space. Sliding doors can be made in any style and material. Apart from being the main door, the sliding door can also be used as a room partition for the area you want to separate using a temporary partition. However, to use sliding doors you have to make sure the rails used are not jammed and are always in good condition.

Which wooden door style do you want to use for your home? You can combine the best designs, openings, and models to suit the size of the room and your needs.

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