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Seven Types of Wood Usually Used When Making Furniture

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Wood is one of the most common basic materials used around the world, especially for furniture needs such as children’s closets and wall shelves. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, which in turn can give a different touch of warmth and add to the overall interior aesthetic.

Beech Wood, The Natural Light Attractive

Beech is a type of solid wood that is hard, strong, and heavy. Its appearance is synonymous with lighter colors, from white to light yellow with a dense fine grain and an even texture. This beechwood also has high damping resistance or shock resistance.

Type of Wood 2

As wood for the basic material of the furniture, such as chairs or tables, beech is a popular wood used especially for high-quality furniture with a soft finish and a warm effect. In order to be durable and not easily dirty, many will provide a layer of protection before use.

Oak Wood, Stubborn & Wear Resistant

It doesn’t take much introduction to the type of oak wood, because we hear oak often. It is hard, strong, and durable, making it the base wood material for furniture that can be used for years. It is also heavy and doesn’t crack easily, although you have to be careful with oak water exposure.

Type of Wood 3

This is due to the large pores of the oak wood with distinctive streaks. No wonder many have painted the outer layer with a polishing paint for protection as well as displaying its beautiful natural aesthetics.

Maple Wood, A True Musician Friend

Type of Wood 4

Maple wood has basic characteristics, namely hard, heavy, and moisture resistant. As the base wood for furniture, maple wood can last for years without experiencing much damage.

Maple wood color is also bright and easy to paint in other colors as a variation of household furniture. Apart from being the basic material for furniture, maple wood is also most often chosen as a material for musical instruments, such as high-value guitars and wood for drumsticks.

Pine Wood, The Popular Minimalist

Pinewood is often an idol for furniture craftsmen because the price is quite affordable. The wood is generally light in appearance and can easily be overwritten with other colors. Due to its lightweight, pinewood is automatically not as durable and strong as maple or oak.

Type of Wood 5

Pinewood is also often used side by side with other woods as a cheaper solution for making furniture. Pinewood is also known as Dutch teak wood or used imported pallets and is a very favorite recycled material. Suitable for minimalist style furniture, maybe you are also a fan of this wood?

Teak, the Champion of Luxury Durable Wood

Type of Wood 6

High prices are synonymous with teak wood, but also high quality, durability, durable and strong. With a champion durability class, teak wood is also resistant to mold, weather, and water.

This is because the oil content in teak wood is high enough so that its strength is very supportive to be used as a furniture material that is truly high value. In fact, teak wood is also often used as an office table in office directors’ rooms.

For processing, teak wood is often produced into furniture, crafts, panels, flooring, and other accessories. Teak wood is also quite easy to process with fiber streaks that have a rustic style impression.

Merbau Wood

Type of Wood 7

Just slightly below teak wood, Merbau wood with a reddish-brown color is often used as a second alternative to teak. Both from an adequate level of hardness and resistance to weather/insects, Merbau wood is increasingly being looked at for quality furniture processing. In terms of price, Merbau is only slightly adrift of teak but remains quite influential in total.

Mahogany, Affordable Furniture Alternative

Type of Wood 8

with a variety of smooth and diverse wood grain, mahogany often appears with natural and classic styles that are seductive in any existing furniture. Mahogany wood is also often the basic material for Jepara furniture, apart from teak wood. However, compared to teak wood, mahogany is generally cheaper, making it a more affordable alternative to Jepara furniture.

Mahogany wood is not as strong and durable as teak wood. In addition, mahogany is also susceptible to termites or is susceptible to change due to weather and rain. More suitable as an indoor furniture material, mahogany can be billed by using ripe mahogany with a high fiber density.

How? Do you understand more about wood, which is often used as furniture? When you are choosing furniture for your home, don’t forget to always pay attention to the basic wood material used to match what you want.

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