Eight Choices of Ideas for Japanese Apartment Designs

Japanese Apartment Idea 1

Japanese customs culture is very thick with a culture of respecting nature. Therefore, there is no better way to present a Japanese-style apartment design than by giving a natural touch to it.

Even so, Japanese people still have some furniture that we have never encountered in any country, making it unique and interesting. For those of you who want to apply an atmosphere like this in your residence, let’s look at the important points of presenting this Japanese-style apartment design.

  1. Bathtub
Japanese Apartment Idea 2

To get a Japanese feel in your apartment, first, try from the bathroom as it is the easiest location to change. Try changing the style of your bathroom into a dry bathroom. This means that you do the activity of bathing in a bathtub.

Use a Japanese wooden bath. Currently, you can buy it in various places both online and in person.

Cleaning yourself with the technique of immersing the body is considered a meditation for Japanese society. The distinctive feature of a bathtub or bathtub in a typical Japanese interior is that it is small and deep, and has a rebuttal that can be used to sit like a chair in the water.

  1. Chabudai, Typical Japanese Short Table
Japanese Apartment Idea 3

If you often watch Japanese films, you must be aware that there is one interior element that is strongest in a Japanese-style room. This element is a short table that complements the interior of Japanese culture, especially in the interior of a traditional Japanese room.

This short-legged table has the name Chabudai, with a height of 15 cm to 30 cm. Chabudai consists of four supporting legs and surface elements of wood or bamboo.

In modern Japanese interiors, chabudai is often used for various purposes such as a study table, work table, or dining table.

  1. Sliding Door
Japanese Apartment Idea 4

The Japanese nuance is of course inseparable from the sliding door ornaments that we often find in movies in general. In addition, sliding doors also provide other space-saving benefits. Given that the use of furniture with the concept of saving space is indeed the main thing for every occupant today. Then to strengthen the elements of a Japanese-style apartment, don’t forget to also provide a little Japanese image on the sliding door.

  1. Zabuton, Seat Replacement Floor
Japanese Apartment Idea 5

Zabuton is a foam pad covered with a cloth that is used as a seat on the floor and chairs. Zabuton is generally combined with zaisu, a Japanese chair that does not have supporting legs. Kyousoku often accompanies them, namely equipment in traditional Japanese interiors that are useful as armrests. Zabuton is also used when meditating

  1. Traditional Japanese Interior Lighting
Japanese Apartment Idea 6

Currently, people in any part of the world want to choose to use LED lamps that have high irradiation intensity with low electricity consumption. So is modern Japanese society.

However, it is still not uncommon to find traditional Japanese interiors that use paper-coated incandescent lamps. This type of lamp is also used as lighting in outdoor elements.

Bonbori is one of them. Hexagonal shaped and used during the festival season, this traditional Japanese light and interior lamp is hung or standing with sticks.

To make the Japanese feel thicker, you can add Bonbori as your own version of Japanese interior decoration.

  1. Byobu
Japanese Apartment Idea 7

An element of the highly iconic Japanese interior, Byobu, is a dividing divider that can be folded and made from a number of panels that are joined together, decorated with paintings and calligraphy. Byobu is used by Japanese people to partition a number of parts of the Japanese interior and create personal space. This room divider was very popular on the European continent in the early 19th century.

  1. Keep the Room Clean
Japanese Apartment Idea 8

You need to know, Japanese-style apartment design does not escape the high level of cleanliness and tidiness. So, don’t be lazy to clean the room and return everything to its original place after use.

  1. Take advantage of natural light
Japanese Apartment Idea 9

With natural light, your room looks wider and brighter. What are the techniques for bringing natural light into this Japanese-style apartment design? The key is in the window and installing the right minimalist ceiling type, don’t forget to put minimalist curtains to complement your windows.

To get the natural beauty of the Japanese style, make sure your room also uses simple and natural colors. Its dominant color is usually derived from brown with wood or green elements from plants. Use dark gray or brown flooring with pastel paper-lined windows.

Another way that you can add elements of Japanese-style apartment design is by providing a meditation corner.