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Most Popular Home Architectural Designs You Need to Know

The architectural style of the house has developed from time to time. Starting from human problems, namely the need for a conducive place to live, home architecture is not only about buildings to protect its residents, but also includes the visuals and beauty of the facade of the house itself.
Of course, the architectural design of the house differs from time to time, not only influenced by the time a house was built, but the characteristics of an era also include the tastes of the house owner. In this article, Kania would like to share the 10 most popular home architectural styles from time to time. Let’s watch it together!

Mediterranean House Architectural Style

Architectural Style
Architectural Style

This architectural style tends to be applied to tropical areas with hot weather and sun exposure throughout the year. Inspired by the architectural styles of Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the architecture of this house was introduced in 1918 and became popular in 1940. The main element of this house is a red-tiled roof inspired by Spanish and Mexican architecture.

Architectural Style
Architectural Style

The roof itself is usually made of clay and bricks that are shaped like a half tube to make it easier for water to descend and ensure proper air circulation. Plaster walls are also applied so that the house is resistant to rain, sun exposure, and hot weather.

Contemporary Home Architectural Style

This one house architectural style developed in the 21st century. There is no one dominant style, contemporary architectural styles have a variety of styles according to the wishes and creativity of the architect.
Utilizing the latest technology, buildings with contemporary home architectural styles tend to be sturdier and stronger against the weather than homes from the 20th century. With the help of computers, every detail of the building construction can be built accurately and quickly.

Architectural Style

The main elements of this house architecture, among others, make use of materials that can be recycled and are not harmful to the environment. For example, bamboo and granite are commonly used as the main interior materials of contemporary home architecture. Contemporary house architecture also has natural lighting characteristics by utilizing glass windows so that sunlight can enter the house.

The Architectural Style of the “Mid Century” House

Architectural Style
Architectural Style

The Mid Century house architecture is a model of a house that was designed and built-in 1945 to the 80s. The architecture of this house was initially believed to be one of the solutions to create social change that led to a better community environment.

Architectural Style

This architectural style has the characteristics of large glass windows, open space, and is built on a flat area with a flat building model. This house gives the impression of simplicity and is integrated with nature.

American Craftsman Home Architectural Style

Architectural Style

First introduced to the United States by architectural firm Greene and Greene, Craftsman house architecture has its uniqueness, namely aesthetic value accompanied by function, use of natural raw materials, and very detailed building details.

Architectural Style
Architectural Style

The architectural characteristics of this house include floors with open spaces, a large veranda made of wood, a gable roof that is resistant to changes in weather and seasons, natural exterior and interior colors, and fine iron details.

Architectural Style of “The Colonial” House

Architectural Style

The house architecture of The Colonial is one of the most popular home architectural styles in the United States. The architectural style of this house is an adaptation of European influences in the 18th century. At that time, many European people migrated and built houses with European architecture, which were adapted to environmental conditions and weather in the United States.

Architectural Style

The first characteristic of the architecture of this house is that it is symmetrical or square with the characteristic of the house entrance being in the middle of the front of the house. The architecture of The Colonial house also includes two windows on the left and right of the entrance, with several windows on the second floor and one large window directly above the entrance.
Another characteristic is the architecture of this house has a roof with a moderate slope and a staircase after the entrance that leads to the middle of the second floor.

Victorian House Architectural Style

Architectural Style

Designed and built-in 1830 to coincide with the reign of Queen Victoria, the architecture of the Victorian house became a popular one from the 19th century through to the early decades of the 20th century. The architecture of this house is characterized by a two- or three-story building with a steep roof, large windows that apply stained glass, and tiles made of clay.The hallmark of a house with this style is the asymmetrical shape of the building with antique decorations combined with bright colors.

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