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6 Indoor Garden Designs for Beautiful Housing and Clean Air

Having a beautiful and green environment is certainly everyone’s dream. Green plants make the room feel cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, but the presence of plants in the house also improves air circulation. Naturally, applying a garden design in a house is an option that can be applied in a dream home.

Having a garden or just a potted green plant is now a trend for a healthy lifestyle. However, there are times when we run into obstacles such as the land that is not too large. This is when making an indoor mini garden or garden in the house a solution. The garden design in the house certainly saves land as well as can provide an aesthetic touch.

Well this time, Kania will give you recommendations for garden designs in the house that can be your inspiration later! What kind of indoor garden design can you apply to your home? Come on, we watch it together!

Garden Design in the House with Pots and Wooden Shelves

Indoor Garden Designs
Indoor Garden Designs

Armed with small plants and put in a flower pot, and a shelf made of wood, it can make you want to apply the garden design in the house above.

Start by looking for an unused corner of the room. Then, arrange the wooden shelves in such a way and place the plants in pots. Besides giving the impression of a beautiful house, the garden design in this house makes the house look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Garden Design in the House with Glass Dividers

Indoor Garden Designs
Indoor Garden Designs

When building a house, you can provide space or space in the form of a tube for the garden design in your home. This park will later become a unique focal point for circulation in the residence. Choose a tube model with a glass partition, the garden is ready to give a unique impression in the house.

Garden Design in the House as Well as Room Partitions

Indoor Garden Designs
Indoor Garden Designs

Another indoor garden design that you can try is a garden that can also be a room divider. For example, to separate the family room with the dining room.

For garden design in this house, you can plant vines that can be used as room partitions. This flower garden will be able to make the house fresher and also unique.

Garden Design in the House to Refresh the Kitchen

Indoor Garden Designs
Indoor Garden Designs

As the heart of the house, a kitchen is a place that is often visited by every occupant, whether for cooking or looking for food. There is nothing wrong if you want to give a fresher atmosphere to the eyes by adding a touch of natural plants.

You can use space such as a shelf in the area under the kitchen table to create a mini garden in the kitchen. That way, the kitchen will be healthier because the gas or pollutants in the kitchen can be minimized by the presence of plants from the garden. You can also plant herbs for cooking such as onions or mint leaves.

Garden Design in the House Under the Stairs

Indoor Garden Designs

Being smart in using space is needed in this case. So if you see space under the stairs, immediately take advantage of that space for the garden design in your house.

Arrange in such a way as to create a Zen area with plants and natural stone arrangements to complete the garden design in your home.

Garden Design in the House with Hanging Pots

Indoor Garden Designs
Indoor Garden Designs

For those of you who don’t have free space to create a garden in the house, it’s calm because you can outsmart it by using hanging pot garden ideas. Apart from not taking up space because you can install these plant pots on the walls or partitions of the house, this garden design idea in the house can also be an aesthetic enhancer at home.

It is not difficult, right, to apply an appropriate indoor garden design? Whether it is more permanent or can be moved, the presence of green plants in the house needs to be prioritized. Congratulations on creating a garden design in the house!

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